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I have boarded my dog at Big Beaver Kennels over the past 10 years and just want to express my gratitude to George Sundy and his family for taking such good care of my dog while I go away for extended lengths of time when I need to travel for my job. I can go and have peace knowing that my dog is not only safe but is pampered while I am away. He is not just left in a kennel. They exercise and play with your dog, one on one, several times a day. When I pull up to the kennel to take him there he gets all excited wanting to go inside unlike when I take him to the vets.

It is disgusting that some people have nothing better to do except to make up such meaningless and unfounded lies.

*I am writing this under anonymous only because I do travel for work and do not want to expose myself for that reason. Unlike some who are cowards and post anonymous because they are stating untruths.                                                                                                                        

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