I took my yorkie to BIG BEAVER KENNELS last week for boarding and the irresponsible owners let my dog out and it ate rat poison that was laying out on the floor. THE OWNERS SHOWED NO REMORSE !!!

and to make matters worse the state just approved there license to operate. STAY AWAY. We were heartbroken when we learned they have animal abuse allegations against them. The lowlife owners could care less and we are suing them for our loss.

Please please never use this kennel so that this never happens to you or your family. It is just wrong .STAY AWAY

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States #929425

The person w the complaints should post his or her real name but won't because its all lies ! kennel never had not even 1 complaint in 11 years can confirm this w beaver falls police & the dog warden.by the way this kennel boards k-9 dogs for various police departments.


Dog wardon will tell u this person is lying & trying to discredit kennels... he inspects all kennels in Beaver Valley & will tell u how clean and well takin care of the dogs are.No dog EVER in 10 years of buisness has died at kennel nor has ever had not even 1 complaint. Anyone can call department of agriculture to find out this so called person w a yorkie is Lying!


All this is over a dispute over property ownership that happend on Oct 30 2013 the police removed a man from property of big beaver kennel since then he went on this site & one other one and made up horrific lies this matter is going to court in July of 2014 .


Yes u are for posting such lies!

Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States #827354

I am the owner of big beaver kennels, my name is George Sundy and you have never brought your dog to us. We have not boarded a Yorkie in the past 4 years.

The majority of the dogs we board are larger dogs. We also board K9 police dogs for various police departments including Beaver Falls, they will tell you we are a very caring and clean facility or they would not be boarding their dogs with us.

Since you posted this anonymously it is obviously a ploy to discredit my business. We have reported this to the proper authorities and WILL take legal actions for this malicious slanderous attempt.

New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States #736532



My poodle was bitten by bedbugs there last week. We had to take her to the vet and spend almost $800.00 to get her better.The topper was we had to have our home fumigated to kill the bedbugs from the kennel. I don't know why anyone would go there, they are dirty and terrible to deal with.

to MissyG Atlanta, Georgia, United States #827426

Dogs don't get bed bugs from sleeping on rubber this story is sooo made up in an attempt to discredit the kennel if u look all post dates were posted Oct 31 this is the same person posting bad things about a very respectable kennel over & over again .... grate Dane rescue uses this kennel for the great care the dogs get.

to MissyG Princeton, New Jersey, United States #827540

Never was a poodle boarded at big beaver kennels since 2007 .... maybe its the bugs crawld out from Ur filthy bed of lies u lay in every night. lowlife!

Wampum, Pennsylvania, United States #735667

O my God. my dog is there now!! I just went there and police were there.

to margo2 Atlanta, Georgia, United States #827422

What are the chances of u driving past kennels & just so happen to be on this site while u are driving I have no doubt this is the same person who posted the lies on the 2 other post.

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